Planted Our High-Tunnel Tomatoes!

On January 30 we planted the tomato seeds for our high tunnel tomatoes. (A high-tunnel is the same as an unheated greenhouse whose height is over 10 feet.)  As last year, half our High-Tunnel will be planted with the fantastic SunSugar golden cherry tomato which tastes even better when grown in our high tunnel, which is hard to believe since it’s also great when grown outside!  The other tomatoes in the high tunnel will be a test planting of four varieties–so far we haven’t fell in love with any large red tomato that we planted in our high tunnel. The problem has something to do with the heat, we think, even though we put the sides up and open the big door.  This year we investigated the problem and decided to try four varieties: BHN-589, Rocky Top, Abrason and Tasti-Lee.  While except for Tasti-Lee (I will have more on Tasti-Lee in an upcoming post) , the other varieties have been recommended for high-tunnel production.  News Flash!  Just moments ago (7:50AM) I checked and found a few of the SunSugar tomatoes have germinated!  This sounds reasonable since we put the flats near the wood stove to get them germinate quickly.  We also did more onion planting and now have around 10,000 seeds planted in flats.  I hope to get some photos of our lettuce and onions posted sometime today.

Freckles and Green Ice Lettuce Planted on 1172012

Freckles and Green Ice Lettuce Planted on 1172012


Close-up of Freckles Lettuce planted on 1/17/2012

Newaygo Newaygo Sweet Onions Planted on 1/25/2012

We also have nearly completed the second plant light stand.  All we need now is to get the shoplights mounted to it.  This will give us more workspace since in the past we put most of our flats on a large workbench which made it more difficult to do things.

The weather continues unbelievably mild with only traces of snow left.  Finally, it seems fishermen are getting the message about the lakes here not being safe for ice fishing since no one was out there yesterday.  I noticed from the weather maps that some temps in the old Northwest territories of Canada are in the mid 40s this morning.  Hmm…

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