Snow storms remind me of having a root canal/ also started planting some onions

They’re talking about a big snowstorm Thursday and that reminds me that I just recently had a root canal.  How come?  Because the two have a lot in common.  If you have to drive a car during or just after a snowstorm you know it isn’t fun–in fact it is often painful emotionally.

The exact same thing can be said about a root canal.

Root canals cost money and time. Ditto for snowstorms.

But then all snowstorms eventually end.  Roads always clear up. And the sun always returns and its bright rays become even brighter as they reflect off the newly fallen, crystalline snow making it whiter than white. Often, when this happens–and it usually does after a snowstorm–I feel it is a taste of heaven. Whatever it is, it is a real mood booster.

In addition I must admit the long term affects of snowstorms are real positive since they are an important source of water– which helps greatly with growing stuff which is one of the things I do.

Positive thoughts though, seldom happen when slipping and sliding on the road.   But when the snow stops and the sun comes out suddenly the world looks brighter than before, for one reason it is!  After the snow has fallen and roads are in good shape, the beauty of the newly fallen snow and the lasting wonderful affects of the moisture it provides is something that lasts for a while.

What about a root canal?  Well, until the mouth heals from the procedure there is discomfort but then in just a day or so instead of suffering with a toothache and a potential infected tooth, the tooth feels fine and the world seems to be a little cheerier place.  Also, you don’t ever have to worry about a toothache again–at least in the tooth that had its root fixed–and you still can chew as before.  Too bad the snow’s wonderful effects–its cheeriness and the moisture it provides– doesn’t last as long as a root canal!

Yesterday we planted 2000 Walla Walla onion seeds in four 1020 flats.  We plan on doing more onions tomorrow and then start our onions and soon after our tomatoes for our high tunnel.

By the way, I looked at the latest weather maps and there is a fair chance we will miss the brunt of the snowstorm.  Am I happy about that?  If we had two feet of snow on the ground I would have to say yes.  But to be honest we have at most 4 inches of snow out there and the way it looks it only has a quarter inch of liquid water in it.  In other words, instead of being analogous to a root canal, one can say it looks like it could be more like a temporary filling–won’t hurt much but won’t do much good either!

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