Saturday, July 25, 2015:More apologizes…

Yesterday we had problems accepting credit, debit and EBT cards apparently because we had legally changed over the operation of Magicland Farms from a Sole Proprietorship operation to a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) one.  We had understood, from the organization that we work thru, that everything was in order a month or so ago but we found out recently that wasn’t the case.  Things seemed back to normal by the end of yesterday when we were again able to accept Credit and Debit cards but we then found out that EBT cards didn’t work…someone, someplace neglected to add the EBT cards to the mix.  We had a rush order put in and hoped it would be done by the time we opened today but it wasn’t so we are unable to accept EBT cards today–I am reasonably sure we will be Monday morning.  Sorry for this inconvenience. BTW, despite the problems, yesterday was extremely busy, for which we want to thank you.  We especially wish to thank those who, who wanted to use Credit/DEbit/EBT cards, for their extraordinary patience. Today, Credit and Debit Cards should be OK.

Keep in mind that we will be going thru a heat wave the next few days at least until the end of next week.  Humidity levels will build up quickly as well and light winds will make it seem even more uncomfortable when you are in the sun and not in a lake or pool.


What we will be having today:

Very sweet and tender bi-color (yellow and white) Sweet Corn

Sweet, juicy, super flavorful peaches

Quinte summer apples

Young and tender green and yellow beans


$25 a bushel for 2 or more bushels

1 bushel: $30

1/2 bushel: $16

Slicing and pickling cucumbers 100_2714


Great News, our limited time SPECIAL 36 for 6 bucks pickling cucumber sale has begun!

36 pickling Cucumbers for $6

Zucchini and yellow summer squash

Freshly pulled Crunchy Crimson red radishes that are sweet and mildly spicy.

Freshly dug RedGold potatoes (red skin with yellow flesh), Red Norland potatoes (red skin with white flesh) and Yukon Gold potatoes (yellow skin with gold flesh).

Sweet and mild Newaygo Newaygo sweet onions by the pound

Beautiful large heads of Broccoli

Freshly pulled sweet carrots

Red and golden Beets with tops

Cut sunflowers

SunSugar cherry tomatoes: Very limited supply!

Green Bell Peppers

Fruit trees and shrubs, perennial and annual flowers and ornamental plants and many kinds of herbs!


$20 each for any fruit tree, only $6 per rhubarb plant, 3 Angel Trumpets for only $20, and purchase 4 or more of any 1-year-old blueberry bush for only $7 each or purchase 4 or more of any 2-year-old blueberry bush for only $10 each.

Also, we have lots of dried gourds for crafting and making birdhouses! Browse through our pile near the side of the greenhouse!

Stay updated throughout the week for more crops ripening through this daily blog and our Facebook.

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