Friday, July 17, 2015: First Peaches of the Season: Big, beautiful, juicy, sweet and DELICIOUS!

As usual, our PF1 peaches started to ripen before we figured on.  Well anyway, we checked them out yesterday morning and picked some ripe PF1’s.  They are delicious–trust me here!  Keep in mind that sliced peaches on ice cream, as I have said before, is not only a delicious treat and easy to prepare, it provides just about all the vitamins, protein and minerals one needs in a meal.  Of course, a bit of whip cream on top can’t hurt! Such a meal is especially welcome on hot sticky days, which is forecast for the upcoming weekend!



Our PF1 Flamin’ Fury peaches are one of the earliest peach varieties in existence (ripening over 3 weeks before Red Haven peach) and in my opinion PF1s are one of the tastiest and juiciest peaches around! They are a semi-cling stone fruit, but sometimes they get so large so quickly they develop split pits. This doesn’t effect the flavor or texture at all though!

What we are having today:

Bi-color Sweet Corn: Come early before we sell out!

PF1 Flamin’ Fury Peaches

Young and tender green beans by the bag, peck, and half bushel.

Young and tender yellow wax beans


1/2 bushel: $16

1 bushel: $30

$25 each for 2 or more bushels

Slicing and pickling cucumbers

Zucchini and yellow summer squash

Freshly pulled Crunchy Crimson red radishes that are sweet and mildly spicy.

Freshly dug RedGold potatoes (red skin with yellow flesh), Red Norland potatoes (red skin with white flesh) and Yukon Gold potatoes (yellow skin with gold flesh).

Freshly pulled sweet and mild Newaygo Newaygo sweet onions with tops.

Beautiful large heads of Broccoli

Freshly pulled carrots

Red and golden Beets with tops

Fruit trees and shrubs, perennial and annual flowers and ornamental plants and many kinds of herbs!

CURRENT PLANT SALES: $20 each for any fruit tree, only $6 per rhubarb plant, 3 Angel Trumpets for only $20, and purchase 4 or more of any 1-year-old blueberry bush for only $7 each or purchase 4 or more of any 2-year-old blueberry bush for only $10 each.

Also, we have lots of dried gourds for crafting and making birdhouses! Browse through our pile near the side of the greenhouse!

Stay updated throughout the week for more crops ripening through this daily blog and our Facebook. Also, keep an eye out for when the Arts and Crafts Gift Shop opens!

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