Ice Fishing starting on Kimbal, My plant light stand article on Make Magazine

Guys  are starting to ice fish on Kimbal Lake.  However, I really don’t think it is safe yet and they are taking a big risk.  One way to determine if its OK to ice fish on Kimbal is to wait until Walt Bancroft starts ice fishing.  He has learned through many years to only go out when its safe.  The days are really lengthening now, especially in the evening.  It’s now still light at 6PM!  One thing I noticed through the years is that in late winter some of the cold arctic highs skip around to the north of the Great Lakes causing an easterly component to the wind.  This usually means clear skies and the resulting colder nights.  It is also a sign that winter is waning.  This seems to be starting this coming week although there doesn’t look much like clear skies since there will likely be low pressure areas around which sometimes means general snowstorms.  We will see.

I mentioned in my last post about a link to my Plant Light Stand article in Make Magazine.  Here it is: Plant Light Stand. 
Make Magazine is my absolutely favorite magazine.  If you are at all interested in making stuff, or in science and/or technology, you should subscribe.  The magazine comes out in a book type binding which means it not only fits on a standard bookshelf its binding means it should last a long time even if you  read it frequently and don’t treat it delicately.  The editors really work to make sure there are as few errors in the articles as possible–they do a really, really great job.  It’s one great magazine and has so much interesting and fascinating stuff in it!  Even the ads are interesting and in formative!

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