Wednesday, November 20, 2013: Back online!

It’s great again having the chance to write the blog and be able to send it out! We lost power at 3:33AM Monday and got it back at 9:30PM Monday.  (BTW we drove around a bit between the farm and Fremont on Monday and didn’t see any damage, not even many twigs down.  However, M37 was closed for a while south of Grant on Sunday evening.  Apparently, a weak tornado (EF0) went thru the area.)  While our internet service (we use Comcast) returned a bit on Monday night, it went out again during the night and didn’t return until late yesterday.  As mentioned in Monday’s and Tuesday’s blog posts, Catherine sent out short posts saying we will be open those days.  You see Catherine has a smart phone, and as many of you know I am Bohemian by heritage–that should explain why I don’t have one of those gadgets…Catherine is only half Bohemian so she does have some Bohemian characteristics (she says she got a good deal on her smart phone, for instance).  Talking about good deals here, we still have a good supply of apples and in addition to 10% off on ALL produce we are continuing to run specials on Jonathan, Red Delicious and Golden Delicious as well as acorn, heart-of-gold and Celebration squash for $6 a half bushel.  We are now adding a  quantity incentive — You buy 4 half bushels or more of Jonathan, Red and Golden Delicious apples or the squash just mentioned (and they all can be mixed), they are only $5 a half bushel–that’s $20 for four half bushels and you still get to take 10% off!  Keep in mind we again will be on the honor system off and on during the day so please bring correct change or a check and drop it in the slot located on the back wall of the stand.

Here are a few things people should consider before changing their landline phone service from AT&T to Comcast or Charter–AT&T has their own power source so it almost never goes out because of storms or anything.  While the cable companies try to keep as good phone service as possible, it does go out about a half hour after the power loss.  (They must have a bit of battery backup).  After the battery’s discharge there is no phone service (or internet or TV) until they get a guy to put out generators) this sometimes takes half a day or more.  Then they often let the fuel run out and you again lose service about 12 hours later. Of course if the actual cable out there is damaged it usually isn’t repaired until after the power company restores power.  In other words, cable’s phone service is not reliable; while AT&T’s is very reliable.

Sunday looks to be a day when the daytime temperature is below 33F all day.  This is the criteria we would use for keeping our stand’s door closed all day.  However, it won’t affect us this time since we always keep our stand’s door closed on the Sabbath anyway!  Saturday looks iffy but we will try to stay open all day.  Now Monday looks like it will get a few degrees above freezing during the day so that looks OK too, so does Tuesday and so does our official last day of being open (Wednesday, November 27).  BTW Thanksgiving, right now, looks sunny with temps in the mid 30s.  I am formulating my winter forecast and plan on releasing it in my newsletter.  To get it right off the press sign up for the newsletter.  The easiest way to do this is online CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP FOR MY FREE NEWSLETTER

We plan on opening at 10AM today, like usual, and we will likely be again on the honor system, off and on during the day, so I recommend bringing change or a checkbook.  If you plan on using a Bridge Card, please call 924-2761 before coming to make sure someone will be there to help you.  To make arrangements to use the Bridge Card call 652-2368. Keep in mind about our November Special of 10% off all produce!

When we open today at 10AM we will have:

  • Free samples of Jonathan and Red Delicious apples
  • Hardy Pecan Seed Nuts (Wisconsin Strain)–start your own pecan trees!
  • Potted and bearing Citrus trees @ $10 each
  • Green bell peppers, Ancho and Jalapeno peppers
  • Winter Squash: Acorn, Heart of Gold, Celebration, Butternut, Blue Hubbard
  • Freshly dug parsnips and carrots
  • Pie pumpkins (Learn how to make your own pumpkin puree for pies and all sorts of baked goodies HERE: How to Make Pumpkin Puree Info Paper)
  • Asian pears
  • MANY varieties of apples including:  Mutsu/Crispin, Golden Delicious,  Jonathan, Splendor, Empire, Golden Russet, Tolman Sweet, Kandil Sinap, Jonagold, RedGold, Jonagored, Fuji, Granny Smith, Northwest Greening, Idared, Roman Beauty, Calville Blanc D’Hiver, Hawaii, Honeycrisp, Gala, Cortland, Stark Jumbo, Red Delicious and samplings of Jonalicious, King David, Court Pendu Plat, SunCrisp, Braeburn, Gold Rush and Ashmead’s Kernel.
  • A large, colorful selection of Indian Corn, dried corn stalks, as well as nice quality straw bales made from oat straw for $5 each and dried corn stalks. Find all three in our greenhouse to the left of the parking lot. Watch our new YouTube video about Fall and Giant Pumpkin harvesting!

SPECIALS (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!) Remember you can even take the 10% November discount off these special low prices!!

Red and Golden Delicious and Jonathan apples,-1/2 bushel $6

Acorn, Celebration and Heart-of-Gold Winter Squash — half bushel $6 (that’s about 20 cents a pound!) – Watch our YouTube video to learn howto cook squash then read our info paper by clicking the link below!

Quantity Discount — buy 4 half bushels or more of Red and Golden Delicious and Jonathan apples, or squash (these all can be mixed) for $5 a half bushel. 10% off also applies here!

Learn how to keep winter squash by reading our info paper: “How to Freeze Winter Squash.”

 Jalapeno Peppers — 1 peck for $5

Photo Below was taken shortly after Sunday’s (November 17, 2013) storms  Rainbow appeared to be over north end of Pickerel Lake

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