Tuesday, October 29, 2013: “An Apple a Day May Really Keep the Doctor Away.”

Years ago I read a story on some research which showed people who ate an apple a day made significantly fewer visits to a doctor.  Recently I read an online article on  WebMd titled “An Apple a Day May Really Keep the Doctor Away. This article is full of information.  One bit of information that stood out since I have had a feeling about it all the time, can be summed up by a related quote from Shakespeare: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – Hamlet (1.5.166-7).  I LOVE that quote and think of it often when I hear doubters who seem to imply that the only things that are real are what we can see, feel and measure.  For those doubters with scientific bents I must ask them this question “What about dark matter?  It can’t be seen, felt or measured, only inferred.”

Getting back to apples here is an original quote from moi (Tom Fox): “There are many more health providing compounds than Vitamin C and Fiber in apples!”  While, as you will find out if you read the article (click here to read it) Dr. Rui Hai Liu, MD, PhD says something similar: “Over the years, no single compound has been proven to have a protective effect by itself. An apple could have hundreds of phytochemicals. We think the combination is the important thing.”

An interesting personal note here.  In the spring of last year (2012) after we were sure we wouldn’t have any apples due to the strange late winter/early spring weather (March heat wave), my daughter looked rather serious and commented “we are going to be sick this winter…”  Sad to say we were.

This year we have a real nice crop of apples.  At our stand right now we have around 30 different varieties of apples.  We have very, very sweet apples such as Gala, Tolman Sweet, Splendor, RedGold, Fuji and others and we have nice tart apples like Calville Blanc d’ Hiver, Idared, Northwest Greening, Northern Spy, and others.  We also have, apples that are both sweet and tart like Jonagold, Jonagored, Crispin/Mutsu, Hawaii (some of which have a pineapple flavor) and others.  One variety, King David, has an intense flavor (intensely sweet, intensely tart) with a wine-like flavor that reminds one of the Winesap apple, which may have been one of its parents. Our exceptionally rare apples include King David, Court Pendu Platt, Senator, Kandil Sinap, Tolman Sweet, SunCrisp, Ashmead’s Kernel and Splendor.  While most of our apples are nice and crisp right now (this includes our Red Delicious and Golden Delicious), we do have a few varieties, such as Cortland, that are soft in texture.  Personally, when I eat an apple fresh I eat it with the aid of a knife.  To get the full health benefits of eating fresh apples eat the skin along with the apple’s flesh.

When we open at 10AM we will have:

  • cherry tomatoes
  • Green and colored bell peppers, Ancho and Jalapeno peppers
  • Sweet onions
  • Beets without tops
  • Winter Squash: Acorn, Heart of Gold, Celebration, Butternut, Blue Hubbard
  • Freshly dug Carrots (by the pound, 1/2 peck, and 1/2 bushel)
  • Pie pumpkins (Learn how to make your own pumpkin puree for pies and all sorts of baked goodies HERE: How to Make Pumpkin Puree Info Paper)
  • Asian pears and Royal Riviera Pears
  • MANY varieties of apples including:  Mutsu/Crispin, Golden Delicious, Spartan, Jonathan, Splendor, Empire, Golden Russet, Tolman Sweet, Kandil Sinap, Jonagold, RedGold, Jonagored, Fuji, Northwest Greening, Idared, Roman Beauty, Calville Blanc D’Hiver, Hawaii, Honeycrisp, Gala, Cortland, Stark Jumbo, Red Delicious and samplings of Jonalicious, King David, Court Pendu Plat, SunCrisp, and Ashmead’s Kernel.
  • LARGE selection of pumpkins from miniature to giant, including many different colors such as white, tan, yellow, green, and of course orange! A large, colorful selection of Indian Corn, dried corn stalks, as well as nice quality straw bales made from oat straw for $5 each and dried corn stalks. Find all three in our greenhouse to the left of the parking lot. Watch our newest YouTube video about Fall and Giant Pumpkin harvesting!


Sweet Green Bell Peppers — half bushel $10, whole bushel $18 (that’s about 79 cents a pound). Watch our YouTube video to learn how to freeze peppers!

Limited Time Special — Jonathan and Cortland apples 1/2 bushel $6

Jalapeno Peppers — 1/2 peck for $6

Acorn, Celebration and Heart-of-Gold Winter Squash — half bushel $6 (that’s about 20 cents a pound!) – Watch our YouTube video to learn how to cook squash then read our info paper by clicking the link below!

Learn how to keep winter squash by reading our info paper: “How to Freeze Winter Squash.”

Freshly Dug Carrots — half bushel $8


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