Friday, October 25, 2013: Fall Color at its peak–best in years!

A glorious sunrise silhouetting three sugar maples overlooking the still, tranquil water of Pickerel Lake.

This fall not only had one of its latest first killing frosts in many years but also the peak fall color is much later than normal AND, surprisingly, Jack Frost has done an extraordinary good job on the leaves this year.  In addition, most leaves are still on the trees and roughly half of them have turned glorious colors of startlingly crisp reds, pastel yellows along with a splash of brilliant oranges here and there.  We have been busy taking photos of this gloriously beautiful treat of nature and have posted some of our photos here.

View on our farm. Notice the long rows of corn to the left that are still green in color – those were our last patches of corn.

Another view of our farm, this time a view of both our woods and tree line.

A close-up view of one of our large maples all in red.

A view from our orchard looking into our woods.

Sugar maple tree in bright yellow.

Three sugar maples.

Can you spot the woodpecker? One of many feathered friends that frequent our large sassafras overlooking Pickerel lake.

A tranquil view of Pickerel lake.

Sunrise on Pickerel Lake.

A Maple and a Willow tree.

Reflecting the Beautiful Fall Color. :)


Yesterday I mentioned in my post about the fact that the sun exploded a M9 flare.  Well just a little while ago another, even larger explosion took place which resulted in an X1 flare!  Pay attention to the news since no doubt these explosions will be reported on, and possibly even be making headlines, within 2 days!

When we open at 10AM we will still have slicing tomatoes, green and colored bell peppers, Ancho and Jalapeno peppers, sweet onions, acorn squash, Heart of Gold Squash, Celebration squash (see Special 1/2 bushel price for selected squash types and green peppers below), spaghetti squash, butternut squash, blue Hubbard squash, broccoli, carrots, pie pumpkins (Learn how to make your own pumpkin puree for pies and all sorts of baked goodies HERE: How to Make Pumpkin Puree Info Paper), Asian pears, Royal Riviera Pears, and apples including: Honeycrisp, Gala, Cortland, Stark Jumbo, Red Delicious, Mutsu/Crispin, Golden Delicious, Spartan, Jonathan, Splendor, Empire, Golden Russet, Tolman Sweet, Kandil Sinap, Jonagold, RedGold, Jonagored, Northwest Greening, Idared, Roman Beauty, Calville Blanc D’Hiver, Hawaii and samplings of Jonalicious, King David, Court Pendu Plat, SunCrisp, and Ashmead’s Kernel. Large selection of pumpkins from miniature to giant, including many different colors such as white, tan, yellow, green, and of course orange! A large, colorful selection of Indian Corn, dried corn stalks, as well as nice quality straw bales made from oat straw for $5 each and dried corn stalks. Find all three in our greenhouse to the left of the parking lot.

Watch our newest YouTube video about Fall and Giant Pumpkin harvesting!

Sweet Green Bell Peppers — half bushel $10 (that’s about 79 cents a pound). Watch our YouTube video to learn how to freeze peppers!

Limited Time Special — Jonathan 

Limited Time Special — three pints of cherry tomatoes (red Jasper and/or SunSugar) for $6.

Jalapeno Peppers — 1/2 peck for $6

Spaghetti Squash– half bushel $5, whole bushel $8 (that’s about 16 cents a pound!)

Acorn, Celebration and Heart-of-Gold Winter Squash — half bushel $6 (that’s about 20 cents a pound!) — Watch our YouTube video to learn how to cook squash then read our info paper by clicking the link below!


Learn how to keep winter squash for a year by reading our info paper: “How to Freeze Winter Squash.”





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